How to Use Business Travel Secrets for Personal Travel

Business travelers are subjected to several travel secrets since they take an average of seven long distance trips every year which has been established by the Travel Industry Association while it has been estimated that the leisure travelers take an average of less than three trips each year. Normal vacationers do not fly, drive or stay in hotels as much as the business travelers do, but vacationers can take the opportunity to learn certain significant facts and tips about how business travelers move through the airport or the hotel lobby and can also learn to get better deals from hotels and airlines as well. Some of the advantages includes lesser expense, shorter wait times and access to more convenience.1) Stay at business hotels
Most of the business hotels are conveniently located close to places which host meetings and conventions, especially near to airports or close to the downtown commercial district which has easy access to the major highways. You will be surprised to learn that consumers might get even better deals than business travelers as hotels which cater to business clients are usually busy during the work week and their prices drop during the weekends so that they can fill the empty rooms.2) Book Y-up fares
Generally, all the Y-up, Q-up and Z-up fares are actually full-fare coach seats which comes with a guaranteed upgrade to first class and you will be surprised to learn that Y-up fares are a well-known trick of the business travel trade. In case, as a consumer you were going to go for the business class, then Y-up and other auto-upgrade fares will certainly be a less-expensive and better option.3) Be Loyal
Loyalty certainly comes with its privileges and airlines, hotels and car rental agencies often offer repeat customers ample of rewards and complimentary upgrades. In this way, you can rack up miles in your rewards account and can also result in certain nice perks. Airlines take great care of their frequent fliers and certainly offer them inexpensive upgrades which are available at check-ins. Your loyalty also pays off more quickly with car-rental agencies’ reward programs.4) Fly in all business-class airlines
Business class airlines like to eliminate competition by offering their clients roomier seats and in this way customers end up paying significantly less for a business-class or even premium economy seat on other airlines. In the peak season or the demand seasons, fares will just be $100 higher to that of the economy class and this will offer more legroom, superior food and other perks and the extra $100 is rightly justified in this manner.